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Best quality shutters crafted for your home or business from Sydney to the Gold Coast.
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We Supply & Install Roller Shutters For Windows & Doors

AdShutters supplies and installs high quality commercial and residential roller shutters around Sydney and the Gold Coast. Our team is comprised of a valuable team of tradesmen who have over a decade of experience working with professionals and homeowners. We have been cutting, supplying and installing roller shutters around Gold Coast and Sydney for over 17 years. Using high-quality materials, AdShutters works from cut to install on every shutter project. Each part of the process is done in-house from both our Sydney and Gold Coast locations. AdShutters are your go-to supply and installer of all things roller shutters.

Whether you are a homeowner, or a builder or architect, our direct, easy approach makes the process effortless. You can rely on our roller shutter craftsmanship to protect your homes and businesses around the Sydney and Gold Coast areas. We are passionate about providing quality and efficiency to your space. Our roller shutters are commonly used on windows, garage doors, or any part of your house or office that is exposed to the elements.

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Over 17 Years of Experience

Over 17 Years of Experience

AdShutters is now in its 8th consecutive year of business, with its founder being in the industry for 17years, you know your in the right place for all your Shutter needs.
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Manufactured in Sydney

Manufactured in Sydney

Our factory is located in South West Sydney Ingleburn, Come down and have a look at us manufacturing your job.
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Expert Installation Team

Expert Installation Team

A team with a combined 45years of experience, you know your in good hands.
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Guaranteed Bushfire Certification

Guaranteed Bushfire Certification

Our bushfire shutters all carry the appropriate certification, so you can rest assured you will have the right certificate at the end of your job.
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Domestic & Commercial

Domestic & Commercial

Whether it's Wet n Wild Sydney, The Church of Scientology's Asia Pacific headquarters or your very own castle, we've got you covered.
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Speedy Turnaround

Speedy Turnaround

With as little as a one week turn around on domestic jobs.

Residential & Commercial Roller Shutters

AdShutters is a leading provider of residential and commercial roller shutters in Sydney and the Gold Coast. We offer a wide range of roller shutters to suit any home or business, and our experienced team can help you choose the perfect solution for your needs. Our roller shutters are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements, making them an ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications.

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Not all Bushfire Shutters are created Equal

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We use BAL-FZ tested and approved!
Find out more
AdShutters Guarantee
Bushfire certification upon completion of the installation
AdShutters Guarantee
5-year guarantee on product & workmanship

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Shutter & Screen FAQ's

5 Things To Check Before Choosing A Roller Shutter Company

1. Check on The Installers Track Record
Find out if the shutter company has a permanent, trained work force, or hire contractors to do the work. Some companies outsource the installation of shutters to contractors. The contractor is often remunerated based on the number of shutters they install. Which can inadvertently compromise the quality of the installation, because they are more concerned in meeting their numbers, rather than producing a quality installation. Poorly installed shutters can impact the operation of the roller shutter and lead to maintenance issues. Furthermore, you might experience problems getting a shutter company to service your shutters if the work was outsourced to installation contractors.

2. Check The Quality of The Shutter
Some foreign imported shutters from countries such as China are sometimes less reliable then  ‘Australian made’ shutters. Lower price however, does not always mean low quality. There are two factors that can affect the shutters. The first is the quality of the shutter and how well they are made. And secondly, the installation. It’s really important that the shutters are fitted correctly to the exterior and interior of the house to avoid maintenance issues later on.

3. Who is Pricing and Quoting Your Shutters Project?
In an effort to increase sales, some companies hire salespeople to do their quoting. However, sales people will not always have the industry experience to quote accurately. This can result in slightly inflated pricing due to the incorrect scope and scale of the project. Salespeople are paid on performance. So you could end up with quotes for non-essential things just to increase the value of the sale. It’s a good idea to seek more than one quote before making your decision.

4. Check Your Premise Will be Tidied After The Shutters Are Installed
There’s nothing worse than having to tidy up after builders vacate your premises. Clarify with your installer that your premise will be tidied up once the project is complete.

5. Do The Shutters Come With A Guarantee?
You must feel confident that the installer of your shutters will carry out a professional job. However, you can not be totally sure, so ask whether they offer some form of guarantee to give you peace of mind.

At Adshutters, we pride ourselves in providing a thoroughly professional service from the moment we come to price your job, through to when the project is finished. The guy who quotes the work, is the same guy that does the installation. Our technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience. Which means our quotes are technically accurate. You will not be misquoted or rushed into making a decision. We treat your premises as though it was our own home. We tidy away the mess, and even polish your shutters before we leave so they have a gleaming finish. And all of our shutters come with a 10-year quality assurance guarantee.

White, Cream, Sand, Black, Shale Grey, Monument and Woodlands Grey

Special Powder coating colours by request. With our maintenance-free powder coated colour finishes, you can match the colour to your window frames.
Bushfire roller shutters must be manually operable from either inside or outside the house. Our shutters have a manual override winder that allows the shutters to be manually opened and closed, in case of a blackout.
At Adshutters, we have a 5-year guarantee on parts, including motors and a 10 year guarantee on paint, including powder coating.

Technical Specifications

  • Profile slat covering 36mm
  • Profile slat thickness 9.7mm
  • Maximum width 5000mm
  • Maximum Height 3200mm
  • Maximum surface area 12 metres squared
  • Weight per metre squared 7.5kg
  • Electric 240v (Good for all applications)
    • The easiest of all operations, a tubular AC motor is placed inside the axle and a switch on the wall, remote control or a key switch can operate the shutter (which can also be fitted with a manual over-ride in case of power outage).
  • Spring with Key Lock
    • This is a simple lift up, pull down operation with a counter balance spring inside the axle to aid with the weight of the shutter, which can be lifted with just two fingers. A key lock is at the bottom.
  • Winch Winder (Good for home windows)
    • A winch is placed on the inside wall of the room and the handle is wound for the up and down movement of the shutter. We use steel cable on our winch, which is a lot more durable than the standard tape commonly used, which can easily break rubbing on any materials through the wall.

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