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When your windows & doors need maximum protection from the raging Australian bushfires, your home needs BAL-FZ fire shutters.

At Adshutters, we provide varying levels of bushfire shutters that are intended to protect your home according to the zone your home is located in. For those homes in a high-risk zone, Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ) is necessary.

Adshutters BAL-FZ flame zone shutter system comes packed with huge benefits for your residence. We stay at the forefront of innovation with our shutters and are happy to provide BAL-FZ fire shutters that meet the highest Australian standards and protect homes from Sydney, NSW to the Gold Coast, QLD when a bushfire erupts.

What does BAL-FZ mean?

This is the highest danger rating that a property can be given regarding bushfires. It also means that the property is likely to be exposed directly to flames from the fire front and is susceptible to attack from embers. Additionally, a heat flux of more than 40kW/m2 can be expected.

Installing flame zone bushfire shutters is the only way to meet the BAL-FZ standards on a property with standard windows.

BAL ratings can vary from house to house and even vary depending on different sides of your home.

BAL ratings vary and are rated depending on the following criteria:

  • Where you live
  • The type and density of the vegetation around your home
  • The distance from the vegetation to your home
  • The slope of the ground beneath the vegetation


These shutters are suitable for both new and old buildings and come in customizable colours so you can aesthetically match your new shutters to your property. For assistance in styling, work with AdShutters professionals on selecting your shutter colour.

Technical specifications

When these shutters are fully closed, they meet the Australian Standard AS 1530.8.2:2007 for bushfire protection in Australia. Additionally, the shutters come from German engineering, however, they are manufactured here in Australia. The system is perfectly engineered to minimize box sizes and provide the best protection in the industry.

Adshutters BAL-FZ shutters technical specifications are as follows:
Profile slat covering 37mm
Profile slat thickness 9.7mm
Maximum width of 5000mm
Maximum height of 3200mm
A maximum surface area of 12 metres squared
Weight per metre squared is 14kg

Product FAQ’s

The testing standards for BAL-40 and BAL-FZ shutters are different. Meeting the BAL-40 standards is easier than meeting the BAL-FZ standards because the BAL-FZ fire shutters are designed to withstand more extreme fire conditions than BAL-40 shutters.

Your windows are one of the weakest points on your home, especially when a bushfire blows through. Structurally, windows are prone to cracking and breaking during these circumstances. Broken windows can be a gateway to sparks and embers that will then set your home or commercial building on fire on the inside.

Our stainless steel shutters protect your home from bushfires while also adding additional protection from prying eyes, noise, and sunlight/heat.

Of course—your BAL-FZ fire shutters are designed to have all the normal components of regular shutters with the added protection against bushfires. In addition to providing excellent protection, your shutters work like roller shutters and provide insulation, noise reduction, and save you money on both window furnishings and energy cost.

At AdShutters, we use the best protection in the industry so that customers have peace of mind when it comes to their property being safe and secure. Our BAL-FZ shutters are tested and approved according to the Australian standards. Additionally, they are

  • The only bushfire-tested insulated roller shutter systems for thermal benefits and noise suppression
  • They are motorized for easy control
  • Installation can be done in both new and old buildings
  • There are options for covering large windows or door openings due to our custom sizing
  • They provide light control, privacy, and security
  • Powder coating is available

Adshutters installers are excellent at what they do, but we know our customers need more than our word that the job was done correctly. You’ll receive a 5-year guarantee on parts, including motors. Additionally, you’ll receive a 10-year guarantee on paint, which also includes powder coating.

Absolutely! We know how important it is for your home to be certified and meet specific standards when you are in the path of bushfires. At the conclusion of installation and once the shutters are paid for, customers receive a certification letter for their records.

Due to their high-grade materials and excellent construction, flame zone roller shutters last for years with minimal maintenance needed. Surfaces are finished with durable materials and can be easily cleaned as needed with a damp cloth or by lightly spraying water directly on the surface.

Yes, they do! They are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This cuts down on your use of heating or air conditioning which reduces your overall electricity consumption. Roller shutters effectively help you in reducing your emissions while being the insulation you need to keep your power and electricity bills lower.

Protect your property in more ways than one by utilising the expertise of the team at AdShutters for your BAL-FZ fire shutter installation.

We stay on top of the trends in safety and innovation across Australia. Both our Sydney and Gold Coast locations are effectively aiding customers in protecting their homes with smart, eco-friendly solutions. BAL-FZ fire shutters for windows & doors are the key component to keeping your family safe during the hot, dry, and unpredictable summer months when bushfires are common.

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