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Outside Metal Window Coverings Gold Coast Sydney

Protecting your home or business from the weather is of the utmost importance. Many steps can be taken to safeguard both, but one of the best options these days is outside metal window coverings

Most Gold Coast and Sydney homeowners have a love hate relationship with the sun. You want natural light to illuminate your home, but sometimes this leads to avoiding living areas because they are too bright, too hot, and downright uncomfortable.

Metal window coverings come in a variety of styles, offering weather protection and a stylish look. External roller shutters ensure that your home and business are well protected from the elements including strong sunlight.

These window roller shutters are not only a stylish appearance and a great investment; they are stowed in the top of the storage compartment and can be lowered at the push of a button.

Metal Shutters for Windows Offer Several Benefits

Shutters have always been used to keep the elements out and provide peace of mind. However, modern metal window shutters have even more advantages. They can be used in residential buildings, commercial and industrial plants, holiday homes, and offices. Metal shutters come in a variety of finishes and colors, making them an attractive look for any window. They are custom built and insulated to control the indoor temperature to avoid heat loss in winter and keep them cooler on hot summer days. This is an advantage that also helps to save energy costs.

When you choose your home or business, you are looking after your family, property, and investments. The weather can be very unpredictable. Strong winds can turn everyday objects into projectiles. Roller shutters can protect flying objects and accompanying rain; they are easy to use and can be lifted when not in use. Because the metal window shutters are so well designed, most people don’t even realise they’re there until they’re lowered.

Metal Roller Shutter Doors

Metal roller shutter doors can be used in both residential and business settings. These provide optimal protection from dangerous exterior elements as well as adverse weather conditions by complementing your metal window coverings. They also provide long-term service, reducing the requirement for ongoing shutter repair.

Here at AdShutters, we pride ourselves on high-quality external metal coverings for doors and windows, and exceptional customer service.

We provide a diverse selection of versatile and adjustable roller shutter doors suitable for various industrial applications. 

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters come in varieties of sizes, features, and functionality, of course. For you, we provide a complete array of rolling shutters for windows and doors. 

Storm shutters are specifically developed and designed for rain, high winds, flying debris protection, and fire protection. A little-known fact: The most damaging sort of wind isn’t the power of the wind blowing directly on your house. Positive pressure is the name for this energy, and many people believe it is the most powerful storm-force working against their home or business buildings. 

Negative pressure, or the air going through your windows and doors, actually has significantly more force than you might think. Under these conditions, many low-quality storm shutters and hurricane protection devices collapse.

Metal Shutters for Patio Doors

Roller shutter systems for patio doors and roller shutters are available in different designs: They exist as a top-mounted roller shutter mechanism in which the roller shutter box is placed on the door and hidden between the masonry, making the architectural integration very simple and discreet. The shutters of the front patio door are built from the large window, are visible, and therefore very flexible in their design.

These roller shutter systems not only protect you from heat, sun, moisture, and noise but also increase safety when closed. In summer, they are particularly suitable for darkening rooms and keeping the environment cool. Patio doors can also be supplemented with roller blinds after installation or assembly. With these additional functional parts, you can darken and regulate the room climate, protect it from noise, curiosity, perception, heat and cold. The thermal insulation works even better with them, and you can feel a sense of privacy at home. Choose the size, material, and color of your patio door roller shutter and enjoy your home even more.

The Cost of Metal Shutters 

Metal is regarded to be more durable than any other material used to make shutters. It can withstand a strong storm as well as a knock from debris carried by storms. As a result, you have complete peace of mind knowing that your home’s interior and contents are sufficiently safeguarded. The average shutter costs are in the range of $345-$600 per window.

When purchasing roller shutters, you can select from a variety of metals. Each has its own set of benefits that must be considered when making a purchase.


The majority of homeowners will go for aluminum shutters because of its lightweight. Despite its small weight, it will provide ample protection for your home and its contents. It is a sturdy but less expensive alternative for homes. It is also straightforward to install and is not too hefty for the frame of your house due to its small weight. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, which means it will endure longer.


Because of its strength, attractiveness, and endurance, this is the best metal for making fire shutters. Steel can endure even the most violent storms. Corrosion resistance from environmental exposure does not necessitate a lot of coating.

The expense of purchasing, molding, and installing steel is a hurdle. It’s also possible that it’ll be too heavy for some window frames. However, once installed by us, you can rest assured that you will be well protected.

Whatever style of exterior rolling shutter you choose will give your home added protection and energy efficiency. Remember that while exterior shutters can be a costly investment initially, if you’ve ever been through an intense storm, bushfire or break in, you know how much more expensive the clean-up and recovery from those types of disasters can be in the long run for you and your family.

We Do Metal Shutters For Windows Across Sydney and the Gold Coast

At Adshutters, we offer a wide range of different types of metal roller shutters tailored to any opening size to meet your needs. 

External blinds can be operated manually, with a handle, or electronically. All of our metal shutters are available in powder-coated colors.

Manual roller shutters are equipped with pin locks or central locking handles; electric roller shutters are usually operated with a button or key switch or can be equipped with remote control.

The outside installation of metal window coverings offers privacy, weather protection, and reduces heating and air conditioning costs.

We supply and install all kinds of metal coverings for windows and doors in homes and businesses across the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Get a free quote and consultation when you contact us today.


Adshutters is an Australian owned small business that uses only the best roller shutter components and products so that our clients get the biggest benefits possible from their roller shutter.

Adshutters prides itself on unparalleled quality in all facets of the roller shutter business, from the sale, continuing all the way through to delivery of the final product. With a large number of satisfied clients, 50% of our work is by referral from previous clients. We strive to make every roller shutter transaction as cost effective, efficient, productive and as pleasant as possible for our customers.

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