Manual Roller Shutters vs Electric Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters Manual Vs Electric Gold Coast Sydney

Roller shutters are an excellent method to keep your home safe, safeguard your valuables, and keep your family safe. Electric and manual roller shutters are the two most prevalent varieties, and each has advantages and downsides.

You usually have the option of having manually driven or electric roller shutters up to a particular width and height. Still, once the shutters reach a specific size and weight limit, they must be electrically operated. 

Don’t worry, in an emergency, electronic roller shutters will include a manual override.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual roller shutters can be a cost-effective solution to add the convenience and protection of roller shutters to your house. They can provide an excellent basic shutter without much bother in most household contexts when window and door openings are reasonably modest and straightforward to reach.

Manual roller shutters are frequently less expensive due to the fewer parts and components required. Due to their operational needs, manual roller shutters may be a challenge for some people. If you have restricted mobility, you may have difficulty winding the handle. 

Additionally, every roller shutter must be manually closed or opened. Imagine having to scramble to get them all closed in an emergency!

Manual roller shutters are useful in situations when there are just a few small doors or windows to open and close, such as a little door front.

The Pros:

  • They are inexpensive and straightforward to set up. Manual roller shutters are quite economical and offer many of the same advantages as electric roller shutters.
  • There is no need for an electrician to install them, and there is no need for electricity.
  • Ideal for rooms that are never utilised.
  • Each time the user raises and lowers the shutter, the user will get a “little exercise.”

The Cons:

  • Each shutter must be opened and closed separately. This might be inconvenient and time-consuming if you need to open and close them every morning and night.
  • It’s impossible to accomplish this with large windows or entrances since they’re too heavy to raise.
  • With the possibility for the tape to wear out if used often, more regular service is necessary.
  • It is far simpler for would-be intruders to lift a manual roller shutter from the exterior of your property than it is for an electric roller shutter.
  • Manual roller shutters are controlled by a system of cranks and winders, which may be a strenuous chore for the elderly or anybody with a disability or injury that limits the use of their arms and shoulders.

Electric Roller Shutters

Roller shutters that are electrically powered offer all of the advantages of manually operated shutters with the extra convenience of being easier to operate. This is useful in the home context because every door and window in the house is covered and controlled all at once rather than requiring you to walk around the house manipulating each one individually.

Because of the nature of electrical functioning, they may be configured to activate automatically at a specific time or even operated individually from your laptop with the necessary equipment and programming.

Electric roller shutters are usually operated by a tiny motor attached to an electrical supply; this might be a primary connection or a battery. 

Controlled via remote control or a wall panel located someplace inside your home. The motor that opens and closes your shutters may be connected to either your electricity or modern solar power panels for further energy efficiency. 

The Pros:

  • It’s simple to open and close when you need it, and you can use a remote control to operate it from anywhere in your house.
  •  They may be configured to function automatically at a specific time and operated as a group from your laptop, phone, or tablet using a Wifi controller.
  • For the case where every entrance and window in the home is covered, Master Remote systems are available. This allows you to control all roller shutters at once rather than walk around and activate each one separately.
  • They are incredibly long-lasting, usually lasting twice as long as the guaranteed duration.
  • Electric roller shutters are easier to install since they require less drilling on your property. There is no need for drilling or tradespeople to access your house with remote versions.
  • No physical winding or effort is necessary for the elderly or those with shoulder/arm issues.
  • Electric shutters have a maximum span of 4.5 meters.
  • The motor secures itself in the fully lowered position, providing added security.
  • There will be no visible cords, tapes, or winder boxes in your home.
  • There’s a lower likelihood of future wear and tear and maintenance charges.
  • A more extended warranty is usually offered.

The Cons:

  • Electric roller shutters cost a little more than manual roller shutters.
  • If your neighborhood has regular power outages and you need to utilise the roller shutters right away, consider installing an emergency battery system (i.e., a commercial business with roller shutters).

We Recommend Our Motorised Rolling Shutters

When it comes to the battle of manual roller shutters vs electric roller shutters, if you are looking for another level of safety for your home, then look no further. 

Motorised rolling shutters are your answer. They are an excellent option for fire and storm protection, while being attractive, stylish, and timeless at the same time.

Motorised rolling shutters have a motor that runs at a constant speed and has limits. When the limits are reached, the motor gently stops the movement of the blind without stressing and straining the other components, thus increasing the life of the locking system.

If you want to install manual or electric window shutters or have manual roller shutters in your house and want to convert them to electric, give AdShutters a call today

Our friendly and competent teams are available to answer your questions! 


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