The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

What Are The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Did you know that plantation shutters have been around for many years dating as far back as 800 BC? However, from the time of their inception, plantation shutters have gone through several transformations.

So, it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to stay in vogue despite the advent of other window dressings. Today, there are many modern plantation shutters that can effortlessly complement a wide range of home decor. 

That said, if you’re still contemplating whether to add plantation shutters to your home or not, this article is for you. We’ll be telling you the benefits of plantation shutters and why they’re a great addition to any home.

What Are The Benefits of Plantation Shutters?

#1. Durability

When compared to other window coverings, plantation shutters often stand the test of time as they do not fade, tear or grow weak. This is because of their makeup which primarily involves the use of sturdy hardwood. Our Gold Coast plantation shutters come in a variety of different materials: 

  • Basswood 
  • Paulownia 
  • Cedar 

Consequently, a one-time installation of plantation shutters takes away the need to constantly change your window dressing.

#2. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Another with plantation shutters is how easy they are to clean. All you need to clean these window fittings is a feather duster or damp cloth. 

As such, plantation shutters may be the most ideal option if you live in a dusty area or your window dressings tend to get dirty easily.

#3. Versatility

Different architectural structures may include unusual window designs for aesthetic purposes. This type of window generally requires a specific kind of window shutter. And failing to use the right kind can take away from the elegance of such window designs. 

This is where plantation shutters come in handy. Plantation shutters are effective at covering any kind of window space or design. This includes bay windows and those with a circular or sharp angle design.

#4. Better Light Control

It’s important to consider how much control you’d have over the amount of light that comes into your home when trying to pick a window treatment. Window coverings like drapes and curtains don’t allow you to finely adjust the amount of ambient light that penetrates your room. 

But with plantation shutters, you can determine if you want a room to be filled with ambient light, dimly lit or completely dark. 

#5. Safety

If you have kids, ageing loved ones, or even pets, you should carefully consider your choice of window dressing. Tall window curtains or window dressings with loose reachable strings can present some danger. 

For instance, loose cords can result in tangling mishaps while tall curtains may lead to tripping and falling. Also, some window dressings with sharp edges can cause serious injuries. 

However, using plantation shutters eliminates all these risks.

#6. Noise Barrier

You want a window dressing that can act as a noise buffer if your home is close to traffic or located in a noisy area. Plantation shutters serve this purpose. 

With these fittings, you can enjoy some serenity in your home as they have the ability to block out outside noise, unlike curtains or blinds.  

#7. Temperature Control

Your window dressing plays a crucial role in controlling the temperature of your home. With the right one, your house can remain at the right temperature whether it’s summer or winter. 

Plantation shutters have proven to be very effective during summer as they’re able to block direct sunlight while also allowing for proper ventilation. What’s more, they can also keep the warmth within your house and eliminate cold drafts during the winter months.

These features also make plantation shutters energy efficient. This is because they add a layer of insulation, reducing the need to expend so much heating or cooling energy.

#8. Complements Most Home Designs

There are many home designs, some more unusual than others. Unfortunately, it can be challenging trying to find a window treatment that fits perfectly with the home decor you’ve chosen. Few window dressings have the aesthetics to suit a wide range of home designs whether rustic, contemporary or minimalist. 

Plantation shutters make the cut. These window fittings can complement any kind of home decor. They provide that classic and crisp touch of elegance to almost any house design. 

#9. Saves Space

Space is another factor to take into consideration when choosing the window dressing for your home. Drapes and curtains tend to take up more space when compared to plantation shutters. 

As a result, our Gold Coast plantation shutters give you more room which can come in handy when decorating your home. You can hang up a portrait or install a mini bookshelf on the free wall space. Additionally, more space allows for the free flow of air around the house, resulting in better ventilation.

#10. Privacy

A major importance of window dressings is to provide some level of privacy.

So while window treatments such as curtains or drapes provide privacy, they also limit the amount of air and light that enters your home. This is what makes plantation shutters so ideal. 

You can adjust plantation shutters to give you the privacy you desire while allowing for the free flow of air and the penetration of ambient light. 

Where You Can Get Quality Plantation Shutters On The Gold Coast

It’s important to note that all the above benefits of plantation shutters are only possible when you get the right kind. And there’s no other place to get the best quality plantation shutters on the Gold Coast than at AdShutters.

We make only the best – in design and quality. Our Gold Coast plantation shutters are durable and beautiful.

With over 17 years of work experience, we have what it takes to give you exactly what you want. Some of our range of plantation shutters include:

This variety of plantation shutters comes in several colours. Even better, we can provide you with a customised colour upon request. Contact us today and let us help you add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.


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