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Sliding Panel Track Blinds

Plantation Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

Easily transform your outdoor living space with high-quality outdoor and patio Slidetrack blinds from AdShutters.

Slidetrack blinds are custom-made outdoor blinds that are the perfect addition to your patio, verandah, or outdoor space for your Sydney or Gold Coast property. You’ll be able to fully transform your outdoor space into a functional living area with retractable blinds that are custom-built for your specific dimensions and feature unparalleled quality materials.

Slidetrack blinds offer a wide range of control options. They are available in PVC and can be customised with different gradations of block-out fabric, featuring 85%, 94%, and 99%. Slidetrack blinds are offered in a wide range of mounting options which include brackets, extruded, and roll-formed aluminum.

Why are customers consistently requesting Slidetrack blinds for their Sydney or Gold Coast property?

Slidetrack blinds come with unbeatable benefits that enhance the style and functionality of your Sydney or Gold Coast home.

  • Slidetrack blinds are fully restrained in the tracks
  • They offer sun protection and shading
  • They offer breeze control
  • Enhanced privacy on your property
  • They are consistently built with quality materials
  • Provide a bug and pest barrier
  • Color options are vast
  • Varying degrees of block-out fabrics are available
  • They are design and patent protected
  • Both clear and tinted PVC are available

Panel Slidetrack blinds styling options

Panel track or Slidetrack blinds are available to customers in a wide range of colour options, including standards such as White, Ivory, Titan Grey, Graphite, Carbon Black, Sapphire, Sahara, and Onyx. Talk with a professional at AdShutters for help in coordinating your new Slidetrack blinds with your home’s exterior aesthetic.
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For commercial use, our blinds can be completed with custom signwriting at an additional cost which enhances the exterior of your business and showcases your commercial space in an eye-catching way.

Technical specifications

Slidetrack Blinds use a specialised tracking system. The patented extrusion is engineered to restrain outdoor blind skins with welded spines. The channel runs inside the track to give a clean finish; this is done by concealing the spline within the tracks and hiding the weld from view when installed.

Slidetrack blinds are made of many components that coordinate to create a fully functioning system for your outdoor space. Brackets and channels effectively hold together the entire Slidetrack blind system.

AdShutters Slidetrack blinds technical specifications are as follows:
Maximum width 6600mm
Maximum area (m2) 21
Standard track dimensions 50mm x 32mm
Bottom bar size (heavy duty) 62 mm
Standard axle (heavy duty) 84mm circular

Product FAQ’s

They are available in both motorised and manual versions with a total of four different control systems available to customers.

Motorised Versions

Ozroll E-SolarPRO with ODS T-Series Motors: This module collects energy from the sun using a solar panel and stores it in the battery located at one end of the module. Customers control the system using an Ozroll E-Trans remote that operates the ODS T-Series 12v motor via the store energy with the touch of a button. Motors are driven by the power of Lithium-ion batteries in the controls. Direct sunlight is needed in order to operate the system with the E-SolarPRO

240v Electric Motors: Hardwired 240v electric motors are available in either a standard with a fixed wall switch or an RTS version operated by a 1ch or 5ch handheld remoted.

Manual Versions

Spring Assist with Ezylift: The manual Spring Assist is a standard choice for your outdoor blinds. The Ezylift offers a unique handle that provides both premium strength and effortless operation.

Gearbox: This traditional system is operated manually by raising the blinds with a crank handle that hooks into an eye outlet. This control must be fitted with extra deep channels.

Slidetrack blinds work with some of the most reputable fabric suppliers in the country to provide a range of colour choices that will suit any application. We have over 25 colours in stock of the most popular choices for quick turnarounds, however, we can source alternative fabrics by request since all Slidetrack blinds are custom-made.

These are our most popular colour choices available for Slidetrack blinds:

  • Ice White
  • Ivory
  • Bondi
  • Paperbark
  • Kashmir
  • Desert
  • Jamaica
  • Havana
  • Evergreen
  • Amazon
  • Arizona
  • Neptune
  • Baltic Blue
  • Grey Stone
  • Everest
  • Titan Grey
  • Graphite
  • Carbon Black
  • Sandstone
  • Sahara
  • Pebble
  • Goldstone
  • Claystone
  • Sapphire
  • Uluru
  • Granite
  • Basalt
  • Tungsten
  • Onyx

Slidetrack blinds come with many benefits that make their products a smart design and easy to operate. Customers choose Slidetrack blinds for these important reasons:

  1. Side restrained tracks offer better weather control and pest protection.
  2. They are designed to be long-lasting and are comprised of minimal plastic parts.
  3. The side spline is shielded.
  4. The top tubes and bottom bar are heavy duty and are provided in all standard assembly.
  5. Manual blinds are available with locks that are either single-sided, double-sided, or offset.
  6. The bottom bar is located within the channel, which provides extra strength with no wear marks.
  7. In public areas, you can lock the bottom bar up for security.
  8. Intermediate locking positions are easily provided on manual blinds.

They use a patented extrusion which is engineered to restrain your outdoor blind skins with welded spines. This unique setup was designed to make the system secure, easy to move, and aesthetically pleasing. The tracks were designed to fit a range of guide and boxing options to fit a variety of shading applications.

For premium Slidetrack blind systems for your outdoor living space, AdShutters is the company to contact!

Adshutters is the leading company for residential and commercial districts throughout Sydney and the Gold Coast looking for quality shutters and blind systems.

Our partnership with Slidetrack enables us to provide you with extended outdoor living space and a safe environment where you can entertain your friends and family all year long.

If you are considering Slidetrack blinds for your property, give us a call! Contact us for a free estimate and measure for your space and see the difference these blinds make for your home or business.


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