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Domestic Roller Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

Plantation Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

AdShutters provides exemplary roller shutter services in both Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Domestic roller shutters offer a range of additional benefits for your home and your family. When you need privacy, roller shutters will block out peeking eyes and the sun with just one push of a button. Domestic roller shutters are often referred to as residential roller shutters as they are a popular choice for most residential homes.

Additionally, domestic roller shutters are effective in providing storm protection, blocking noise, and being energy efficient.

Roller shutters are a top choice for customers looking to enhance the aesthetics of their home. Backed by years of experience, our locally Australian-made domestic roller shutters are installed by experts and utilise quality parts in every installation.

Why should you choose domestic roller shutters for your home?

Our resdiential roller shutters provide ample protection against heat, cold, noise, and light.

When heat penetrates through your windows, internal temperatures rise quickly, which puts more strain on your air conditioning system causing it to take longer to cool your house down. Roller shutters effectively beat the heat and save you money on cooling costs while reducing greenhouse emissions.
In the winter, roller shutters can do the opposite for your home. They can effectively capture your home’s internal heat and contain it. With less heat loss through your windows, you can reduce your heating cost during the colder months.
Depending on where your home is located, noise can become a real problem. Air and street traffic, lawnmowers, and typical outdoor noises are reduced up to 50% with the use of roller shutters. Your home becomes more peaceful with less background noise, which helps you go about your day with fewer distractions.
Streetlights, headlights, and sunlight all reflect off outside materials and can cause glare on windows. Roller shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home, which protects your indoor materials from fading, blocks out the sun and noise during the day, and helps control sleep schedules for shift workers or little ones.

Styling Colours

AdShutters provides a standard range of architectural colours for customers to choose from when selecting their domestic roller shutters. Our color options include Deep Ocean Blue, Woodlands Grey, Monument, Shale Grey, Black, White, Cream, and Sand.

Technical specifications

AdShutters roller shutter specifications include the following
Profile slat covering 42mm
Profile slat thickness 8.5mm
Maximum width of 3200mm
Maximum height of 2600mm
The maximum surface area of 7 metres squared
Weight/metre squared 4.5kg

Product FAQ’s

Our shutters are installed on the outside, but you will control them from the inside. Outside installation is the most preferred method, however, due to some body corporate or council restrictions, they can be installed on the inside if necessary.

Customers will operate their roller shutters from inside, either manually or electrically, depending on the type of shutters that are installed. Shutters utilising a spring with a keylock are operated from outside with a push up, pull down system.

We offer three different types of operating systems with our roller shutters:

  • Electric 240v (a great option for any application): This is the easiest operating system. A tubular AC motor is placed inside the axle and a switch on the wall. You can use a remote control or a key switch to operate the shutter. It can also be fitted with a manual override in case of a power outage.
  • Spring with key lock: This is a simple lift up, pull down operation with a counterbalance spring inside the axle to assist with the weight of the shutter, which can be lifted simply with two fingers. There is a key lock at the bottom.
  • Winch winder (good for home windows): A winch is placed on the inside wall of the room and the handle is wound for moving the shutter up and down. At AdShutters, we use steel cable on our winch, which is more durable than the standard tape that is commonly used.

AdShutters domestic window and door shutters are made from aluminum with a powder-coated finish, which helps keep them looking good and rust-free for a long time.

One of the best assets of roller shutters is that they are immensely strong. The process of manufacturing roller shutters takes great precision and care to make sure our roller shutters are made to be one of the strongest.

The roller shutters will keep out approximately 90% of the heat gain through your windows. Because roller shutters are installed on the outside, they prevent the heat from permeating the glass.

Domestic roller shutters offer several benefits, including

  • They are easy to open in case of an emergency, such as a fire, where bars could actually be a hazard.
  • They do not make you feel like you are in a prison.
  • They allow you access to the windows for cleaning purposes.
  • They are much more attractive and add to the appeal of the home, rather than take away from it.
  • They are versatile because you can control what they do, whereas bars are solid, immovable objects.
  • Roller shutters can provide insulation during both summer and winter.
  • Roller shutters give you privacy and protection all in one.

At AdShutters, customers receive a 5-year guarantee on parts, which includes the motor, and a 10-year guarantee on paint, which includes the powder coating.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service.

Expert craftsmanship, and industry knowledge in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions. If you are seriously considering domestic roller shutters for your home, contact AdShutters today for a free measure and quote of your property. Our team is only a phone call away!


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