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Plantation Shutters & Blinds For Your Home

Plantation Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

Looking for a beautiful addition to your home? Adshutters offers Plantation shutters that create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere both inside and outside of your Sydney home.

Adshutters offers specialty shutters to those looking for a high-end option for their Sydney properties. Plantation shutters are solid and stable window coverings made of either vertical stiles or horizontal rails. Plantation shutters can be made with a variety of materials and are created custom-made from our on-site estimates.

Your personalised quote will consist of the time and material it takes to both manufacture and install your plantation shutters on your property.

Our team consists of professionals trained in installing various plantation shutters. We offer the following window plantation shutters to our Sydney customers:

The Basswood Series is classified as hardwood and is a lightweight but strong material. It offers straight and fine grain which is ideal for both staining and painting. These shutters make an excellent interior shutter choice.
The Paulownia series is classified as sustainable hardwood and is an eco-friendly grown timber. The wood is durable, lightweight, and boasts a beautiful natural wood grain. It also provides excellent insulation. The Paulownia series is one of the fastest growing and ecologically friendly timber on the market today.
The Polymer series is made using superior formulated polymers and recyclable materials. The result is a stunning shutter that is impervious to both humidity and moisture.
The Cedar series is made of lightweight and impressive timber. The Cedar series provides amazing thermal and acoustic properties, is moisture resistant, and provides both rich texture and natural cedar scent to your space.
The Aluminum series offers the most resilient shutter options available. They are made with exceptional durability and are low maintenance. Advanced manufacturing capabilities are used in creating this series. Aluminum shutters provide your home or business with an extra layer of security without compromising on style or design.

Our plantation shutters are easy to use, offer dynamic light control, and complete privacy. They are safe for pets, children, and asthmatics because the polymers used are certified non-toxic. Additionally, they are perfect for high-traffic areas and give your home a finishing touch unlike any other.

Plantation blinds and shutters styling options

Colour possibilities are endless with most of our window plantation shutters. Custom colours are available upon request and we provide 14 standard painted colours and 15 standard stained colours. Adshutters uses custom-formulated stains and paints that are unique. 

Colours are created with the environment and your space in mind. They are

  • UV resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low in VOC
  • Only water-based paints are utilised

Technical specifications

The technical specifications for our available plantation shutters are as follows

Basswood Series
Elliptical blades: 47, 63, 89, 114
R Frame, Bullnose Frame
180-degree blade rotation; 2-way closing
Controlled via Clearview, Supaclear, Centered or offset tilt rods
Paulownia Series
Elliptical blades: 63, 89
R Frame, Bullnose Frame
Controlled via centre, hidden or offset tilt rods
Polymer Series
Elliptical blades: 63, 89, 114
R Frame, Z Frame, Décor frames
180-degree blade rotation; 2-way closing
Polysmart shutters are controlled via a hidden tilt rod; Ecosmart shutters are controlled using hidden, centre, or offset tilt rods
Cedar Series
Elliptical blades: 47, 63, 89, 114
R Frame, F Frame
180-degree blade rotation; 2-way closing
Cedar shutters can be made with fixed blades
They are controlled using centre, hidden, or offset tilt rods
Aluminum Series
Elliptical blade: 89
R Frame
Aluminum shutters can be made with fixed blades
They are controlled using dual tilt rods

Product FAQ’s

Every plantation shutter or blind is made to perfectly fit the door or window of your Sydney property. Our initial on-site visit and estimate include precise measurements of your doors and windows to provide the proper quote. Our experts have years of experience measuring down to the millimeter in order to properly fit your plantation shutters into the space. Shutters are then manufactured to your specifications.

Plantation shutters and blinds are made to be fitted to both doors and windows and can be used as room dividers as well. Every shutter is tailor-made to fit a variety of windows on the market, such as bay, arches, portholes, and other sizes and shapes.

At AdShutters, we believe custom-made plantation shutters are the way to go for a cohesive and continuous look to your home that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Plantation shutters provide unparalleled beauty that enhances any home. They can be used for multiple purposes including interior, exterior, and room dividers. Plantation shutters come in a huge variety of styles, colours, and customization options making them the perfect choice for any home.

At AdShutters, we offer a huge selection of shutters that are eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and low maintenance. For your Sydney home, plantation shutters are an excellent option.

There is no typical cost for plantation shutters as the size and series you choose for your shutters is going to impact the cost. Scheduling your own free on-site estimate and measurement with AdShutters is a good place to start when it comes to budgeting for your plantation shutters.

Are you ready to invest in your home with plantation shutters from Adshutters?

These beautiful, customisable plantation shutters are an enhancement to any Sydney home or business. With the endless amounts of possibilities for style and colour, you are sure to find the plantation shutter that checks all the boxes on your must-have list! Work with us today to select the shutters that are best suited for your property contact us to get your professional measurement and quote! We service Sydney-wide including the Central Coast, Penrith, Sutherland Shire, Castle Hill, Campbelltown, Narellan, and Brookvale. We also supply and install plantation shutters to the Gold Coast.


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