How To Protect Your Home from Bushfires

how to protect your house from bushfires

This is what you should do when preparing for emergencies and how to protect your home from bushfires.

The fact that bushfires are getting more frequent in Australia is a cause for alarm. The bushfire season is usually from July to October, but with climate change and other factors, the timeframe has changed. 

The fire season now starts earlier and ends later in the year, which is hugely unsafe for many Australian residents. However, there are a lot of fire scenarios that you should protect yourself from. These include embers that travel several kilometres, ground fires, bushfires and home fires as well. 

Planning For Bushfire Protection 

The following are the simple steps you can take when planning for bushfire protection. 

1. Know

You need to get reliable information concerning bushfire emergencies. What you should do at this point is to listen to the advice of your state’s bushfire agency as that’ll be helpful to you. 

For NSW visit NSW Rural Fire Service and for QLD visit QLD Fire and Emergency Services.

2. Connect

This is where you should socialise. Get familiar with your neighbours and get their phone numbers. In the case of a bushfire emergency, you’d want to know who is missing and who has made it out safely. 

You should also note the following. 

  • Plan a muster point for you, your family, neighbours and your pets. 
  • Be familiar with all the plans of the local schools in case you have children who are at school when the bushfire starts. 
  • Ensure that everyone is familiar with the muster point before the fire starts. 
  • Lastly, follow the advice of your local social media feeds and state’s bushfire agency. 

3. Organise 

You should be organised and intentional about your important documents and belongings in the case of a bushfire emergency. 

Scan and upload all important files like property ownership and bank statements to your email or cloud storage. This checklist might help you in the eventuality of a bushfire emergency. 

  • Wills
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Property titles
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical documents 

4. Pack

You should pack for bushfire emergencies and recovery times if the fire gets worse than expected. The checklist above is still important when packing for bushfire emergencies. 

But they’re other checklists you should consider when you’re packing for a bushfire emergency. 

You should check for: 

  • Water
  • First aid
  • Medications
  • Cash
  • Torch 
  • Food
  • Protective clothing
  • Jewellery

You should also pack items that’ll help you and your kids recover from these losses easily. Photos and toys will do a lot to help you get through these accidents. 

Now, how do you prepare your house for a bushfire? 

Preparing Your House For A Bushfire

While living in bushland areas can be quite beautiful, you have to ensure that you are more careful during the warm months of summer. 

Every bushfire season threatens to be more dangerous than the previous. And the only way to protect yourself and your family from these bushfires is by preparing your house for bushfires. 

We have outlined some ways through which you can prepare your house for every bushfire season. 

Steps To Follow When Preparing Your House For Bushfires 

1. Fix and replace broken or lost roof tiles

In the case of bushfires, embers tend to travel a lot of distance and are known to enter spaces of only millimetres wide. So, if you have roof tiles that are broken or lost, make sure to replace them. 

However, if you find that you live in bushfire-prone areas, you can go for terracotta and concrete roof tiles. 

2. Confirm Your Fire Safety Equipment

As basic as they seem, fire alarms are very important fire safety equipment. So you have to ensure that all of them are installed and working very well. 

You need to stock up on other fire safety equipment like extinguishers. These will help you in the event of a smaller bushfire.

3. Get Rid of Leaves and Twigs 

In summer and autumn, a lot of leaves tend to fall off and get lodged in gutters and lawns. During that time of year, rid your gutters, sewage and drains of leaves and twigs because those allow bushfires to spread easily. 

4. Have a Plan B

If you live in bushfire-prone areas you should consider having a plan B in bushfire cases. You should consider this especially if you have children and older people in the house. 

You should have a fire escape plan that is suited to fit your property so that you can easily escape with your family. 

5. Confirm Your Home Insurance 

No one wants to lose their home to a bushfire and that includes you. But in the case of any eventuality, you want to ensure that your home insurance is intact. 

It’s one thing to worry about losing your home, but a different thing to worry about it without any source of income. 

Shutters Are Your Best Bushfire Protection For Your Home

The best way to protect your home from bushfires is by using fire shutters from Adshutters

Roller bushfire shutters from Adshutters protect your doors, windows and all entry points from fire invasion and errant embers. 

You can also find other shutters like heat-reducing roller shutters or bushfire shutters at Adshutters. These shutters reduce heat by 90% and eliminate the possibility of glass exploding. 

That’s not all, we also provide you with reliable information, quotes, advice and certification for the bushfire shutter project. 

We are reliable because our shutters are built for different bushfire attack levels. And this includes the BAL-FZ which has the most risks. 

Lastly, you can still protect yourself in style because these shutters come in different shades of grey, white and black. 

You can also request that your fire shutters be colour matched with your window frames because we offer custom colour coating services. 

With our improved services, there’s no need to leave yourself vulnerable to bushfires. 

If not properly planned for, bushfires are one of the easiest ways through which you can lose your home. 

Apart from proper planning, you should also take protective measures for yourself, your loved ones and in extreme cases, your home.

And the easiest way to do this is to install fire shutters from Adshutters in all the windows in your home. 

If you want to install BAL-FZ shutters or Bushfire shutters in your Sydney or Gold Coast home or business or simply want to find out more, give AdShutters a call today. 

Our friendly team is available to answer your questions, contact us today!


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