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Bushfire Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

Plantation Shutters Sydney & Gold Coast

Roller bushfire shutters help shield the windows and doors, so debris and fire have no entry point into the house. Heat-reducing roller shutters, or bushfire shutters, can reduce the heat by approximately 90%, so the risk of a glass window or door exploding is eliminated and the chance of interior damage is minimal.

At AdShutters, we provide customers with complete quotes, information, advice, installation, and a certificate at the completion of a bushfire shutter project. These fire-resistant/fire rated shutters are the best and most cost effective solution and protection against both bush fires and other storms. Our bushfire shutter price or cost varies for every client as they are all custom made, so please contact us so we can do a quote for your unique home or business in Sydney, NSW or Gold Coast, QLD regions.

Feel confident that your home is protected with bushfire shutters from AdShutters for your residential property in the Sydney, NSW or Gold Coast, QLD region.

Bushfires are an unfortunate and devastating issue in Australia. These ruthless and unpredictable fires have destroyed many homes and businesses that were unprotected. These fires cause internal damage when debris and heat cause the windows to break, which allows an entry point for the flames. If the roller shutters are not there to shield the home, flames will engulf anything flammable within the home, easily destroying the entire thing in a matter of minutes.

Luckily, AdShutters are here to provide a solution that can drastically reduce the damage your home or business will take with our bushfire shutters.

Bushfire Attack Level

Bushfire danger of a building or home is rated with one of six potential bushfire attack levels (BAL). These levels range from low-risk (BAL-LOW) to very high risk (BAL-FZ).

  • BAL-LOW means that standard window and door products may be used at this level and no special requirements are necessary.
  • BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29, and BAL 40 are the middle tiers of bushfire attack levels
  • BAL-FZ is very high risk and requires attention

At AdShutters, we provide fire rated roller shutters for windows and doors that are rated BAL FZ. These particular shutters passed the testing method AS 1530.8.2-2007, which makes them one of the highest grades available. They are stainless steel and contain no combustible materials and are used in many types of roller shutters.
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If your development application was into council before January 1, 2018 you can also achieve BAL-FZ by pairing our bushfire shutter with a BAL-40 window or door system.

Our bushfire shutters are manufactured with radiant heat defensive properties and are made from double-wall stainless steel. Your home or business will be safe and extremely resistant to any form of burning.

Styling Options

Bushfire shutters come standard in monument, shale grey, cream, black, white, sand and woodlands grey. We also provide special powder-coating colours by request. Our powder-coated shutters can be matched to the colour of your window frames.

Technical specifications

AdShutters Bushfire technical specifications include the following:
Profile slat covering 37mm
Profile slat thickness 9.7mm
Maximum width of 5000mm
Maximum height of 3200mm
A maximum surface area of 12 metres squared
Weight per metre squared is 14kg

Product FAQ’s

Yes, roller shutters are effective during fire & rain storms. They protect your windows and reduce condensation on the inside of the windows. They also provide protection from the outside temperatures affecting inside temperatures. The insulation of the shutter paired with the air gap between the shutter and window helps to enhance this effect.

Bushfire shutters must be manually operable from either inside or outside of the house. At AdShutters, our shutters have a manual override winder that allows the shutters to be manually opened or closed in the case of a blackout.

Absolutely! In addition to fire protection, bushfire shutters work like roller shutters. They provide exceptional insulation, reduce your energy costs, block outside noise and light and save on internal window furnishings.

Yes! Once the shutters are installed and paid for, a certification letter is supplied.

Yes, we can quote your shutters based on the plans for your home. Simply allow us to see a copy of the plans and we can provide you with all the details you need for your bushfire shutters.

No there are not. At AdShutters, we custom design your shutters to fit your application. Our on-site quotes at your Sydney or Gold Coast property are the best way for us to get an accurate size and quote back to you.

Yes! Roller shutters can be fixed with key locks on manually operated shutters. Typically, key locks are not fitted to electric shutters as they lock automatically.

The biggest appeal of bushfire shutters aside from protecting your home against fires is their strength. They are a strong physical barrier for your home.

Bushfire shutters will keep out about 90% of the heat gain through your windows, just like our roller shutters do. They keep the heat from permeating the glass, which is where the excess heat can result from.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service, expert craftsmanship, and industry knowledge in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions.

Expert craftsmanship, and industry knowledge in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions. If you are seriously considering domestic roller shutters or bushfire shutters for your home, contact AdShutters today for a free measure and quote of your property. Our team is only a phone call away, and we want you to be prepared well before a bushfire happens!


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