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Whether you are planning to renovate or build your house from scratch, you will need to make several decisions. As you’ll probably discover, not all of these decisions will be easy.Thankfully, the decision to get wooden window shutters is an easy one!

These shutters are the classiest among various window treatments. Although plantation shutters come in various forms – PVC, aluminium, vinyl – wooden window shutters are the ultimate choice.

Apart from the fact that they offer great utility, their aesthetics provide a touch of elegance to your overall home decor. These wooden shutters are also strong and durable yet light and flexible. As such, they can be made into custom shapes of any size. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with wooden window shutters.

Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

No, plantation shutters, especially wooden shutters, are still very much in vogue. Although they’ve been around for many years, they remain classic go tos. This should come as no surprise, considering the flexibility and adaptability of wooden window shutters. 

A particularly common modern shutter is the white wooden shutter blinds. These white wooden shutter blinds are so popular as they can easily blend with a lot of home designs and settings.

Also, when it comes to functionality, very few window treatments offer the advantages that plantation shutters offer. Some of these advantages include:

  • Versatility: 

    Unlike curtains, plantation shutters such as wooden shutters can be tailored to fit into any window space. Whether small or massive bay windows, round designs or sharp angles, wooden shutters can fit in there. You can also paint or stain wooden window shutters, unlike other shutters that are prefabricated into colours and styles.

  • A touch of style: 

    Plantation shutters provide a stylish, elegant, and complete timeless contribution to your home. They appear stately and can enhance any internal decor. In addition, plantation shutters eliminate the problem of trying to find matching curtains for your room. And they give your home a more sophisticated look than simple blinds.

  • Temperature regulator: 

    Shutters, particularly wooden shutters, provide a great solution for controlling your home’s temperature. During warmer seasons, wooden shutters can effectively keep the sun at bay, making your home cool. Then, during the winter, they also block cold drafts, keeping your house warm.

  • Saves cost: 

    Since shutters regulate the room’s temperature, they help reduce your energy bills.

  • Sound insulation: 

    Serving as a buffer between your window and external sounds, shutters are great sound insulators. They have the ability to deafen the drone of traffic or any other noise from the surrounding area.

  • Ambience: 

    Just like blinds, wooden shutter blinds are great at controlling the amount of ambient light entering the room. However, wooden shutters blinds take it a step further by offering you a more intricate control.

  • Ideal for those with allergies: 

    Wooden shutters have accessible wipe-clean surfaces, which is an ideal solution for those allergic to dust. This is unlike thick curtains that attract a large number of allergens and spread dust when you try to clean them.

  • Resilient: 

    Compared to other window treatments, wooden window shutters are built to stand the test of time. Curtains may tear, fray, or discolour, and blinds may become fragile over time. But, wooden shutter blinds will remain strong for years to come.

  • Privacy: 

    Because of how easily adjustable wooden shutter blinds are, you can choose between complete privacy or visibility.

  • Safety and ease of use: 

    Wooden shutters are generally safe for different categories of people, including toddlers, the disabled, or the elderly. This is unlike heavy or incredibly tall curtains. Furthermore, since wooden shutters have no ties or loose strings, it eliminates mishaps and other kinds of home incidents.

Are Plantation Shutters Good for Privacy?

Plantation shutters are great for privacy. Due to their strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with plantation shutters like timber plantation shutters.

You can as well close your shutters the same way you close your doors at night. Even better, timber window shutters usually come with a locking mechanism that you can choose to include or not.

Do Wooden Shutters Block Out Light?

It’s almost impossible to totally block out light unless you’re in a room without windows. However, wooden shutters, especially timber window shutters, do an excellent job of blocking a significant amount of light from coming into the home. 

Because wooden shutters can be fit into your exact window frame, they can keep light to a minimum, even around the edges. This is unlike blinds and curtains. Furthermore, shutters such as timber window shutters have a strong density that enables them to prevent light from entering the room.

Do Wooden Shutters Block Noise?

Yes, wooden shutters can successfully block out noise. They’re even better for soundproofing when the shutters are made from thick, high-quality wood like timber plantation shutters are.

As such, it’s no surprise that timber plantation shutters are very effective in blocking out minimal to moderate noise pollution. However, this is when you properly install them.

Contact AdShutters for Wooden Shutters in Sydney and Gold Coast

You can achieve an exquisite home design by creating a blend of colour, form, and function of various items across a space. From the flooring to the furniture and the window treatment, they should all portray an elevated sense of style. You’ll long for home every time you’re away.

However, creating your dream house means you have to be intentional about every design, including the kind of window treatment to use.  

So if you’re looking for a window treatment that provides aesthetics and functionality, then wooden window shutters are the way to go. With wooden window shutters, you can have it all. You wouldn’t have to substitute elegance for utility or vice versa.

At AdShutters, we offer the best wooden shutters in Sydney. And not just in Sydney, we also supply the best wooden shutters on the Gold Coast. Our years of experience have honed our skills in making wooden window shutters that complement whichever house design.

Contact us today to get your strong and intricately designed wooden shutters to give your home the feel of sophistication.


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