Everything You Need to Know About Motorised Outdoor Slidetrack Blinds

Slidetrack Blinds

Here at AdShutters, we make and install custom made motorised blinds for your home patio, verandah, or outdoor space.

It’s no secret that Australia can have some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. You want to be able to make the most of your outdoor areas.

Servicing the areas between Sydney’s Liverpool and Campbelltown, including Ingleburn and everything in between, we provide you with all your outdoor track blinds needs. If you’re on the sunny Gold Coast, we have you covered too!

If you are looking for outdoor products that are second to none, you have come to the right place. Our partnership with Slidetrack blinds enables us to provide you with an outdoor living area that you can use no matter the season. 

Not only are they incredibly versatile and useful, they are a stylish and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. 

What Are Motorised Outdoor Blinds Made of? 

Our Slidetrack blinds are made from PVC and can be customised with different levels of block-out fabric including 85%, 94%, and 99%. 

Both clear and tinted PVC outdoor roller blinds are available, depending on the purpose and what look you would achieve.

Want to watch the kids play backyard cricket? Clear PVC blinds is a must. If your yard backs onto a busy road with traffic you may opt for a tinted PVC for improved privacy and ambience. 

Slidetrack blinds are designed to be long-lasting and consist of minimal plastic mechanical parts.

Are PVC Blinds Good? 

Slidetrack blinds are consistently built with quality materials ensuring they give long lasting results. 

Slidetrack PVC blinds are design and patent protected so you know you are getting the real deal. 

As PVC is a synthetic material, it is incredibly durable and can withstand strong winds and rains without rusting. As outdoor patio blinds in Australia tend to be exposed to high levels of UV light from the sun, PVC is the ideal material as it won’t warp, crack or fade. 

It also has insulation properties that can trap warmth from your outdoor heaters in winter and keep the sun out to reduce heat in the summer.

Do Motorised Outdoor Blinds Use Batteries?

Our Slidetrack blinds are available in both motorised and manual versions. There are four different control systems for you to choose from including battery and hardwired versions. 

Ozroll E-SolarPRO with ODS T-Series Motors: This module collects energy from the sun using a solar panel and stores it in the battery located at one end of the module. Customers control the system using an Ozroll E-Trans remote that operates the ODS T-Series 12v motor via the store energy with the touch of a button. Motors are driven by the power of Lithium-ion batteries in the controls. Direct sunlight is needed in order to operate the system with the E-SolarPRO.

240v Electric Motors: Hardwired 240v electric motors are available in either with a fixed wall switch or an RTS version operated by a 1ch or 5ch handheld remote.

Spring Assist with Ezylift: The manual Spring Assist is a standard choice for your outdoor blinds. The Ezylift offers a unique handle that provides both premium strength and effortless operation.

Gearbox: This traditional system is operated manually by raising the blinds with a crank handle that hooks into an eye outlet. This control must be fitted with extra deep channels.

Are Motorised Outdoor Blinds Worth It?

Think of the benefits motorised blinds would bring to your life! Imagine sipping a drink on a hot summer day and being able to adjust the blinds to perfectly block the sun as it moves across the sky… all without getting up!

This is also ideal for those who need extra assistance around the home. The more elderly members of your family can happily host gatherings at their home and enjoy the outdoors while easily keeping out the sun and wind.

Are Motorised Roller Blinds Waterproof? 

Our Slidetrack blinds are made of the best quality PVC available which means they are some of the most water resistant blinds on the market.

The great thing about Slidetrack blinds is that they feature side restrained tracks that offer better rain management and pest protection.

How Wide Can Outdoor Blinds Be? 

AdShutters’ Slidetrack blinds technical specifications are as follows:

  • Maximum width 6600mm
  • Maximum area 21m2 
  • Standard track dimensions 50mm x 32mm
  • Bottom bar size (heavy duty) 62 mm
  • Standard axle (heavy duty) 84mm circular

Our outdoor track blinds are custom made to your specific dimensions to suit your area and needs perfectly.

For commercial use, Slidetrack blinds can be made with custom signwriting which enhances the outdoor areas of your business and showcases your brand to passers by in an eye-catching and attractive way.

So even if you have a large commercial space to fit out, we can take care of it in the best way possible!

Installation Process of Outdoor Blinds 

As all our quotes are made to your exact specifications, reach out to us to chat about what exactly this investment should cost. You will be given a complete quote for the build and installation as part of our installation process.

Once our team has custom designed and made the perfect outdoor blinds to match your house, our expert crew install them. Our installers make sure your blinds fit seamlessly before leaving the job site. 

Do You Need Installation of Outdoor Blinds in QLD or NSW? 

Our expert AdShutters team can come to your home in Ingleburn, Campbelltown, Liverpool and every suburb in between! We also have a team based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

We would love for you to recommend us to your neighbours and local friends so we make sure we look after you, even after your installation is complete!

If you are considering Slidetrack blinds for your property, give us a call! Contact us for a free estimate and measure for your space and see the difference Slidetrack blinds make for your home or business.


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