How Can I Get The Best Roller Garage Door?

Best best roller shutter garage doors sydney gold coastRoller Shutter Garage Doors Sydney Gold Coast

Roller garage doors are an efficient, effective, and economical purchase to help create the best home. Hence, it’s no surprise that they keep growing in popularity. When you look at the features and benefits of these roller shutter garage doors, it’s easy to understand why. 

Adshutters offer the best roller garage doors available in Sydney and Gold Coast. They come in a variety of colours, including black, white, cream, sand, monument, woodlands grey, and shale grey. If you want it in another colour not listed here, we’ve still got you covered. We also have the option of custom powder coating colours for you to choose. 

Our roller garage doors are stylish and meet all safety standards, so you’re guaranteed quality and peace of mind with Sydney and Gold Coast leading manufacturers. 

What Types Of Garage Doors Are Out There?

There are different types of garage doors available. These are the more common types that are categorised by how they open:

  • Roller shutter garage door: This is the best type of garage door. It is strong and durable and it works perfectly for both commercial and residential properties. You can choose to have it installed as an automatic or manual door. Whichever way, this type of garage door rolls up vertically around a barrel against the ceiling when you open it. With a roller shutter garage door, you can easily replace damaged slats without having to replace the entire door. It’s also the best at saving garage space. At Adshutters, our roller garage doors roll up into a roll as small as 205mm. This gives you all that desired extra storage space.
  • Sectional garage door: As the name implies, this type of garage door is divided into sections or panels which are held up by hinges. When opened, each panel slides up, then runs along with the garage ceiling horizontally.
  • Slide to the side: This garage door is the oldest type of garage door. It slides to the side and runs parallel against the garage wall.
  • Side-hinged: The hinges of this garage door are placed on the sides, and they simply swing open when they open. You can choose to set it up to swing inwards or outwards.
  • Tilt-up–canopy or retractable: This type of garage door is a whole door without sections and simply tilts up when it opens. The canopy tilt-up usually extends past the front of your house, while the retractable one doesn’t.

Garage doors also differ according to the type of material like wood, glass, fibreglass, aluminium and steel. At Adshutters, we create our garage roller doors from aluminum. Our lightweight aluminum will not rust, and the powder-coated finish looks like new for years.

Safety Tips To Using Your Roller Shutter Garage Door

Having a roller shutter garage door is wonderful. However, you must remember to go over the instructions and follow them to prevent accidents. 

You also want to ensure that you maintain your roller garage door. Therefore, you need to check it regularly to see that it’s in proper working condition. So, how do you go about that?

Here are a few garage door tips to help:

  • Check those sensors: The sensors are usually located at the bottom of the garage door. If they aren’t properly positioned, your garage door won’t work. 
  • Hush on those passwords: Passwords are passwords for a reason. So, you should keep them secret. It’s also important that your kids are aware of this. That way, you can avoid situations like burglaries.
  • Check your environment: Imagine closing your garage door and finding out that something was trapped under it. You can avoid emergencies like this by looking around to ensure that none of your possessions, pets or children are near the door.   
  • Regular inspection: Every month, you should inspect your garage roller shutter door and its working parts. This way, you’ll quickly familiarise yourself with the basic parts. Don’t hesitate to use the garage door manual and seek professional help from us if you are unsure on anything.
  • Keep remotes safe: Ensure that the remote is kept out of the reach of children.
  • Test the reverse system: The reverse system is an important feature of your garage door. It works by reversing the closing of the garage door when it senses an object in the doorway. Many accidents have been prevented thanks to this auto-reverse function. You can test it by placing an object in the way of your garage roller door. If it recognises the object, it’s good; if not, it needs to be changed. 
  • Watch your fingers: Avoid tampering with mechanisms and leave it to the professionals like us here at Adshutters.

How To Fix A Squeaky Automatic Garage Door

There are various reasons why your garage door may be squeaking. It could be because of:

  • Faulty or old springs, hinges and rollers. Your garage door can get noisy if the hinges and rollers get old and sometimes become faulty. If this is the case, you need to contact us to replace your old garage door as soon as you can. 
  • Loose nuts and bolts. That’s why it’s important to tighten all loose bolts and screws on your garage door. If the nuts are rusty, you can lubricate them, or replace them if lubrication doesn’t work.
  • Poor alignment. If your garage door is not properly aligned, it will squeak. This may be as a result of improper installation or worn out parts. This is why you need qualified and certified technicians to install your garage door. Luckily, our installation team at AdShutters are experts with over 45 years of combined experience.
  • Residue and objects stuck in any part of your garage door system. These alien objects will cause friction, resulting in your garage door not working smoothly. You can fix this by simply removing these objects by hand or with a broom.
  • Breaks in the track. This can also affect the smooth functioning of the garage door. You could have it fixed or replaced depending on the degree of damage. This is something we can also help with!

Where To Buy The Best Roller Shutter Garage Doors Across Sydney & The Gold Coast

If you’re looking to install a roller garage door, you’ve come to the right place. At AdShutters, we provide only the best top-quality aluminium garage door rollers to the Gold Coast and Sydney. They are strong, durable, and have anti-rust qualities.

Even more, our garage door rollers roll up to 50% less than the standard garage door roller. With a roll as small as 205mm, you get more use of your garage ceiling for lighting and extra storage. 

So, improve and reinforce your garage space with garage doors from AdShutters in the Sydney and Gold Coast areas.

However, getting a garage door roller doesn’t just stop at where to buy. You also need a team that will follow through on installation, maintenance, and repairs. 

AdShutters relates to our customers with the highest regard and we maintain a good clientele relationship to guarantee you maximum customer satisfaction.

We are a team of professionals with 49+ years of combined experience. We have products that cater to a variety of needs and for quality garage doors in Sydney and Gold Coast, we are your best bet.

Get a free quote and consultation when you contact us today.


Adshutters is an Australian owned small business that uses only the best roller shutter components and products so that our clients get the biggest benefits possible from their roller shutter.

Adshutters prides itself on unparalleled quality in all facets of the roller shutter business, from the sale, continuing all the way through to delivery of the final product. With a large number of satisfied clients, 50% of our work is by referral from previous clients. We strive to make every roller shutter transaction as cost effective, efficient, productive and as pleasant as possible for our customers.

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