How do I add outdoor privacy to my Sydney or Gold Coast home?

outdoor privacy screen sydney and gold coast

There’s nothing as great as lounging in your own backyard on a lazy day. The sun is out; a slight wind is blowing, the birds are singing… It’s the perfect summer day.

All you want to do is relax. And as much you love your neighbours, you want to be able to do this without having to begin a conversation with them. 

You just want your privacy. No scrutinising, judgemental eyes. No unpleasant views from the neighbour’s scrappy backyard. You want complete freedom to spend hours on end outdoors doing whatever you feel like doing.

So you’ve probably asked yourself this question.

“How do I add outdoor privacy to my Sydney or Gold Coast home?”

Well, there are certainly a few creative solutions that can meet those needs.

How Can I Get Privacy in my Backyard Without a Fence?

When you think about getting privacy for your backyard, the first solution that probably comes to mind is fencing. However, there are many ways to create that backyard privacy without a fence.

#1. Growing a Privacy Hedge

Using a hedge to create privacy has been around for centuries. One of the major benefits of this privacy landscaping idea is that you’re not restricted by local council or government restrictions limiting the height.

With the right choice of plant, a well-established hedge can practically reach any desired height. But there’s a downside to this option.

It’s either going to cost you a lot of money or a great amount of time to create that high, long hedgerow. And even after that, those hedges still require a bit of maintenance.

#2. Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are a beautiful and creative way to ensure privacy in your home. They are functional and enable you to get the privacy you need without fencing off the entire property.

It’s a wonderful option if you want to create a small private seating area for entertaining guests. In fact, the possibilities of how you can use privacy screens on your property are endless.

#3. Domestic Roller Shutters

If you’re in search of a patio privacy screen for your Sydney or Gold Coast home, domestic roller shutters are a great idea. They not only offer privacy, but they also provide protection against storms. With this shutter, you get to enjoy both aesthetics and the highest level of privacy for your home.

#4. Roller Bushfire Shutters

This outdoor privacy screen protects your Gold Coast or Sydney home from bushfires. With these shutters, fire and debris can’t enter your house, and the risk of a glass door or window exploding is eliminated. And you get to protect your home in a stylish way.

What Can I Put on My Window for Privacy?

Who doesn’t love windows? They let in air and light into your home. They can even provide an emergency exit in certain situations.

However, as great as they are, most windows do not offer privacy. If there’s no treatment or covering, anyone can see in through your window from the outside.

This becomes even more obvious at night when your interior lights make it easier to see into your home.

In this case, privacy isn’t just about comfort. It becomes a necessity.

Homeowners must, therefore, take out time to choose the right coverings that can provide the amount of privacy that they desire. Some of the options that you can choose from to get privacy for your window includes:

#1. Blinds

Blinds are definitely an obvious choice when it comes to window privacy. They also come in a variety of materials and colors. You can get Venetian blinds, horizontal blinds, or vertical blinds.

You can also get Slidetrack blinds which can also serve as your outdoor privacy screen in your Sydney or Gold Coast home.

Most of these blinds come in wood, faux wood, vinyl, or plastic.

You can even buy blinds that are built into the window.

#2. Shades

Shades are quite similar to blinds. However, rather than have slats, they use fabric instead. Shades provide complete window privacy, although they usually allow light to filter through.

Shades come in different kinds – from honeycomb shades to Roman shades and roller shades.

#3. Curtains

You can use curtains along with shades and blinds for decoration and privacy. They come in various fabrics and colors. You can choose to go with sheer curtains or heavy ones.

Sheer curtains may not provide complete privacy, and they allow light into your home. Heavy curtains, on the other hand, provide absolute privacy and block the light.

#4. Exterior Window Privacy Screens

These are a great option to use in your bathroom. They give you complete privacy while allowing you to open the window for ventilation.

#5. Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are a popular addition to kitchens and bathrooms. These shutters have slats on doors, and you can move the doors completely out of the way, giving you an unobstructed view out of the window.

Bottom Line

That’s quite a number of outdoor privacy screen ideas! But making a choice is half the fun.

Whatever your decision, the team at AdShutters is here to make your custom outdoor privacy screen dream a reality. Our privacy screens don’t just protect your home from the sun and prying eyes. They’re also a great aesthetic asset to your Gold Coast or Sydney home.

So that question of “how do I add outdoor privacy to my Sydney or Gold Coast home?” I’m sure you can find the answer on AdShutters. So go ahead and contact us now.


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