Which is the best choice for your home: Plantation Shutters or Roller Shades?

Roller Shades sydney gold coast

When it comes to protecting your home along the Gold Coast or in Sydney, it is important to know there are far better options on the market than just your traditional blinds and curtains. In fact, added protection is key for your home, especially along coastal regions.
But which type of window covering is best for you and your home? When it comes to plantation shutters and roller shades, there are both pros and cons to installing either. We’ll give you the breakdown of these popular options, so you have all the facts before making an investment on your home.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are comprised of either wood or faux wood and fit on your window, either internally or externally. They are designed with wooden planks, called louvers, which are easily adjusted for both light and privacy.


  • When it comes to style, plantation shutters are on point! They blend in with any style or décor and look great when they are either open or closed. Additionally, plantation shutters come in more styles and colours than typical shutters making them the perfect addition to any home.
  • Plantation shutters are energy efficient and keep your home cool and your energy bills low.
  • Plantation shutters completely block out the sun which offers maximum light control and privacy while also allowing you the flexibility and ease of control over allowing light in when you need it. Plus, whether opened, closed, or slightly open, plantation shutters still look amazing.


  • While plantation shutters are safe, they are nowhere near as safe and secure as roller shutters when it comes to deterring would-be intruders.
Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are also wooden; however, they are designed to lock onto your window and roll down. They do not open from the sides, but rather slide down from their fixture to cover your window in its entirety.


  • Roller shutters are energy efficient and keep your home cool and your energy bills low.
  • Roller shutters are made to fit closely to your windows and roll upward making them an extremely secure option for your home. Would-be intruders are immediately deterred when they see a home with roller shutters as there is very little chance of getting inside once they are locked.
  • Roller shutters completely block out the sun which offers maximum light control and privacy.


  • While roller shutters are available in a variety of styles and colours, they are incomparable aesthetically to plantation shutters, which seamlessly blend with any style or décor when either opened or closed.
  • While roller shutters are great for blocking out light and acting as a privacy barrier, there is little control over how much or little light is allowed through, whereas plantation shutters can be easily adjusted to let in some extra sunlight.

Contact Adshutters today if you live in Sydney or the Gold Coast to discuss the best option for you.


Adshutters is an Australian owned small business that uses only the best roller shutter components and products so that our clients get the biggest benefits possible from their roller shutter.

Adshutters prides itself on unparalleled quality in all facets of the roller shutter business, from the sale, continuing all the way through to delivery of the final product. With a large number of satisfied clients, 50% of our work is by referral from previous clients. We strive to make every roller shutter transaction as cost effective, efficient, productive and as pleasant as possible for our customers.


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