A Helpful Guide to Fire Rated Window Roller Shutters

fire rated window shutters

AdShutters is proud to produce some of Australia’s best fire rated window roller shutters. Our mission is to protect your family and property from harm. We specially design our fireproof roller blinds to prevent flames, embers and debris from entering your house in the worst of conditions. Regardless of whether you are in a low-risk and high-risk zone in Sydney or on the Gold Coast – we can provide the right level of fire rated window shutter for your home.

How do fire rated roller shutters work?

Windows are one of the weakest points of structural integrity on your home. As bushfires blow through, three things tend to occur:

  • windows crack, break and explode under the force of the radiating heat.
  • glass magnifies heat and causes the curtains and furniture in your home to burst into flames.
  • strong winds carry debris, sparks and embers through shattered windows.

Our bushfire shutters are designed to greatly reduce the radiant heat that reaches your window by approximately 90%. The double-wall stainless steel design minimises the force experienced by the glass and helps prevent shattering and cracking. Fire safety shutters also reduce the magnification of heat through the window, preventing combustion of internal curtains and furniture. Finally, our fireproof roller blinds protect your windows from flying debris and prevent embers and flames entering the building through smashed glass.

Additionally, our fire rollers can be fitted over doorways as well. This offers your home all- round protection against fire and other extreme elements – such as hail, heavy rain and high

What standard of fire rated shutters do I need for my windows?

After the tragic 2009 Victorian bushfires, new building standards were introduced nation-wide. These standards require people building in bushfire prone areas to accommodate for their bushfire attack level (BAL). The six BAL ratings indicate the intensity level that your home might experience during a bushfire (BAL 40 and Flame Zone being the worst).

Your home’s BAL rating is determined by:

  • the region in which you live
  • the type and density of vegetation on your property
  • distance from your home to vegetation
  • the slope of the property

What are BAL FZ fire shutters?

Regardless of the zone your Sydney or Gold Coast home is located in, AdShutters can provide the appropriate level of fire rated window shutters. For customers in high-risk (FZ) zones, the national standards dictate that BAL FZ fire shutters are necessary on standard windows. Homes within the flame zone are likely to be directly exposed to flames and are highly susceptible to attack from embers. Our BAL FZ fire shutters are German engineered and Australian manufactured to meet the highest standards and intensity levels.

Are there different styles of fire rated roller shutters?

AdShutters can provide our customers with the perfect style and fit for their home, thanks to our custom sizing. We can provide options that cover large windows and door openings, up to a maximum surface area of 12m squared. Not only can we provide fire rated window and door roller shutters, but also fireproof garage doors.

Our fireproof roller blinds are well-suited to both new and old buildings alike. We can customise the colours of our fire rollers to aesthetically match the existing colour scheme of your property. Powder coating is also available and can provide an even more durable and attractive finish. The AdShutters team of professionals is always happy to assist you in styling and selecting your shutter colour.

Can I use fire-rated window roller shutters for everyday use?

If you are looking for more privacy in your home, our AdShutters fire rated window roller shutters are a great option. They prevent prying eyes from looking in and they also act as sound barriers to help reduce noise.

AdShutter’s fire rollers are also one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly forms of insulation. In the summer, your home is insulated externally against sunlight and heat, helping to keep you cool. But, in the winter, you are kept warm as the fire rollers trap heat internally. This helps you cut down on energy costs and consumption by reducing your need for heating or air conditioning.

The best part is, all of our fire rated shutters are motorized, so you can easily control them at any time in the day.

How do I maintain my fire shutters?

All of our fire rated roller shutters are made from high-grade materials. Thanks to German
engineering and Australian manufacturing standards, our fireproof roller blinds will last for
years with minimal maintenance. The stainless-steel finish is highly durable and can be
easily cleaned as needed. Simply use a damp cloth or lightly spray water directly on to the
surface of the fire shutter.

Do I need certificates for my fire rated roller shutters?

When you build a new home or renovation in a bushfire-prone area, you are required to
comply with the BAL building standards. Before you can occupy the home, a certifier will
normally be required to sign off and give the building final approval.

AdShutters understands how important your family’s safety is to you. But we also
understand that you want to move into your new home as soon as possible. We strongly
recommend that you call us to discuss our BAL FZ fire shutters if you live in a BAL 40 or FZ
area. When we have finished installing the BAL FZ shutters and they are paid for, we
provide you with a certification letter.

If I live in Sydney or on the Gold Coast, what guarantee should I expect from
suppliers of fire rated shutters for windows?

At AdShutter, we pride ourself on being one of the best suppliers of fire rated windows shutters in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. We provide our customers with a 5-year guarantee on parts, including motors. Additionally, we also provide a 10-year guarantee on paint.

fire rated window shutters sydney nsw


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