How Aluminium Shutters Can Create Extra Security & Style For Your Property

aluminium shutters sydney & gold coast plantation shutters

Aluminium plantation shutters & roller shutters provide your home or business with an extra layer of security without compromising on style or design.

It doesn’t matter where you live or work. Every neighbourhood is susceptible to crime. Intrusions, vandalism and burglaries are common occurrences that affect many homes, shops and businesses across Australia. If you want peace of mind knowing that your Sydney or Gold Coast property is secure, strongly consider aluminium security shutters.

How do aluminium security shutters protect my home or business?

Windows and doors offer criminals an opportunity to vandalise or break into your property. Aluminium security shutters are the most effective measure to prevent this from occurring. They provide a robust physical barrier against intruders. High-quality security shutters should make your Sydney or Gold Coast property almost impenetrable to any trespasser.

Aluminium security shutters work by rolling or sliding the shutter up and down through guiding tracks. When the security shutter is retracted upward, it is stored neatly at the top of the door in its casing. But when it is rolled down, the security shutter is fixed firmly against the floor and becomes highly secure when locked. At AdShutters, we ensure that your security shutter offers maximum protection by guaranteeing a snug custom fit to any door or window on the premises.

Maybe you are looking to secure your family while you are at home? Or perhaps you want to protect your property while you are away at night or on holiday? Whatever your situation, AdShutters can provide high-security shutters for your Sydney or Gold Coast home, business or retail centre.

Indicators of high-quality security shutters

Not all security shutters can offer the same level of security. Each provider varies in the quality of materials used and features offered. Some regular shutters are passed off as security shutters and lack many of the features that are necessary for security purposes.

When purchasing security shutters in the Sydney or Gold Coast area, ensure that you choose a reputable provider like AdShutters. Security shutters should, at the bare minimum, have the following features:

  • metal locking mechanisms that fix the shutter to the floor
  • reinforced by some form of panel system
  • made of thick and strong metal materials (aluminium or steel)
  • a thick bottom rail that prevents forced entry

Aluminium vs steel security shutters

When purchasing security shutters for your home or business, you can choose between either aluminium or steel security shutters. The material you choose will largely depend on how you intend to use the shutters. Ask yourself these questions before making a decision:

  • What is my budget?
  •  For what purpose am I using my shutters: home, business or retail?
  • Which shutter will look the most aesthetically pleasing with my current property?
  • Who is going to be operating the shutters?
  • How frequently will I have to raise and lower the security shutters?

Aluminium security shutters tend to be quieter and lighter, making them perfect for properties with a lot of foot traffic. They are easily rolled up and down. If you are trying to protect your home or small business, you might be best served by aluminium security shutters.

Steel security shutters tend to be more heavy-duty, offering even more sheet strength and protection. They are preferred by larger homes and businesses that want maximum protection of their premises.

Added benefits of aluminium door & window shutters

Aluminium security shutters can provide you with the privacy you desire in your home or business. They prevent prying eyes from looking in, whether you are at home or away. But they can also act as a sound barrier and help reduce noise. Additionally, they cover your windows in a manner that prevents dust from entering the building.

Security shutters can also help to protect your property from damage by extreme weather conditions like storms and wind. And they are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly form of insulation. They help to keep you cool in summer or warm in winter by either reflecting or trapping heat. This helps you cut down on energy costs and consumption by reducing your need for heating or air conditioning.

And the best part is, you can choose to have your security shutters motorised for easy operation, either internally or externally.

Different styles of plantation & roller shutters (available in Sydney and the Gold Coast)

At AdShutters, we are devoted to helping you find the right security shutter for your needs. That is why we work one on one with our clients to create custom aluminium shutters in the Sydney and Gold Coast regions. It doesn’t matter what style of window or door you have, we can custom create a suitable external roller shutter or stylish plantation shutter. Plus, we also provide kiosk and shop front security roller shutters.

Our Aluminium series offers the most resilient plantation & roller shutter options available. Advanced manufacturing capabilities are used in creating this series to make exceptionally
durable and low maintenance shutters.

AdShutters also offers a wide range of decorative & stylistic options, to ensure that your aluminium security shutters are aesthetically pleasing. We offer seven standard colours, including monument, shale grey, cream, sand, black, white and woodlands grey. Plus, if you choose to powder-coat your aluminium plantation shutter, we can provide custom colours that match your window frames or home. Our custom design allows us to create a seamless look that is sure to fit & enhance your property.

aluminium shutters sydney & gold coast plantation shutters


Adshutters is an Australian owned small business that uses only the best roller shutter components and products so that our clients get the biggest benefits possible from their roller shutter.

Adshutters prides itself on unparalleled quality in all facets of the roller shutter business, from the sale, continuing all the way through to delivery of the final product. With a large number of satisfied clients, 50% of our work is by referral from previous clients. We strive to make every roller shutter transaction as cost effective, efficient, productive and as pleasant as possible for our customers.

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