How to Prepare Your Home for Bushfire Season

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Along with the warm summer months in the Australian bushland comes the potential for highly dangerous bushfires. It is imperative that homeowners and business owners take extreme precautions during these months and stay prepared at a moment’s notice.

With the rise in bushfires expected for 2019-2020, it is crucial that people be diligent about preparing their homes and families. Here are some
tips for beating brushfire season!

Regularly Check and Update Your Fire Safety Equipment

Stocking up your home with the right safety equipment is a key component to keeping your home and family safe. Check and install smoke alarms. Make sure that all smoke alarms in your home are in strong operating conditions and that any smoke alarms older than 10 years are replaced.
Updated safety equipment is a simple way to be on alert in case of an emergency.

Clean out Your Gutters

Dead leaves and twigs are a quick way to get a fire spreading rapidly! Keeping those gutters free and clear will leave you with one less way of your home being in danger during brushfire season. Hire a professional to come and get your gutters cleaned and help protect both your home and your surroundings.

Check Your Property Insurance Policy

The loss of homes is an unfortunate reality for many in the Australian brushland since fires can come on so quickly and fiercely. Many homes cover fire damage; however, bushfires are considered a natural disaster. Be sure your insurance policy contains coverage for damage caused by natural disasters, or you could be facing a nightmare should something happen to your home in a brushfire or other disaster.

Check your insurance well before the bushfire season to avoid any waiting periods. Make sure you are fully covered and prepared for anything.

Have an Emergency Plan in Place

A bushfire can become a terrifying situation, so it is important to have a plan in place and keep as calm as possible to get to safety. The NSW RFS advises that families have a bushfire survival plan in place and that all members of your household are aware of the plan.

In addition, having an evacuation plan is especially crucial to those households containing small children or elderly. Make sure you have an evacuation plan in place for all people, pets, and belongings.

Know the Bush Fire Alert Levels

When bushfires hit it’s important to keep an eye on the alert levels and to pay attention to updated news. Staying informed will help you put your emergency plan into place if you need to.

Consider Home Upgrades

Home upgrades such as non-combustible fencing and bushfire shutters are ideal for homes in the Australian Bushland. In fact, Australian standards require all homes built in bushfire zones to attain a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) classification.

Work with a local company you trust to install these enhancements and added protection to your home.

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