Bushfire Story

A news story from Perth, where a bushfire came dangerously close to a suburban homeowner’s house, shows how roller shutters helped save his house from devastating damage:

December 22, 2015, PerthNow.

A Canning Vale homeowner has told how a spot fire from a nearby blaze in scrubland came within metres of his property.

As firefighters were battling a big bushfire in Kenwick and Wattle Grove, another fire broke out at a reserve in Waterperry Drive, Canning Vale at about 4.40pm.

Mark Howell, 51, a resident of nearby Shreeve Road, told PerthNow:

“The fire was right there, 20 metres from my house, the flames were that intense I was standing up by my garage door and the heat was too much, I had to go back inside.






Firefighters in action                                                       Burnt out bushland on Waterperry Drive


“We had a spot fire in the gutter which we managed to get to quickly.” Mark Howell (51) and son Jack (14) had to defend their home in Shreeve Road, Canning Vale, from a bushfire that came close to homes in the area. Mr Howell said shutters on his windows may have stopped the fire from doing more damage.
“I suppose the thing that helped save the house is that I’ve got all of these roller shutters, it stopped a lot of the heat from getting inside the house,” he said. “It was scary, I didn’t want the house to go up, I had the sprinklers running, I was wetting the house down. I was running around putting out spot fires with the watering can.” Aerial support was used to douse the fire and assist 30 career and volunteer firefighters, and the fire has been contained and controlled.

Picture: Jackson Flindell

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